The #LuckyriceNY Ball 2017

On September 22 we looked out upon Central Park from the 36th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in celebration of our 8th Lucky Year in the city where it all started, New York. It was a night of cultural collisions, you’d ride the elevator skywards until it opened up into the event’s foyer where violinist Sho Omagari played tunes of new and old, cloaking the night in an air of refined elegance and poppy swagger. Restauranteurs served up cultural bites flavored with family history and deeply seated tradition. Toki Whisky and Asahi beer flowed freely and an experiential hallway doused in red lighting led to our first ever desert bar where yes, there was grasshopper pana cotta. Bubble__T began to spin with a DJ set that made grooving irresistible. We hope folks left feeling lucky, we know we did.

Photos by Clay Williams.
© Clay Williams /

Tuson Sate
Babu Ji
Pok Pok
Pichet Ong and friend
Mr. Bing
Grasshopper pana cotta from the Black Ant
Suntory Whisky Toki welcome drink
Asahi Beer
Suntory activations
A Feast of all Feasts
Suntory Whisky Toki
Toki neat pours
The AMEX lounge
Under the arch
Bubble__T DJ
Tony of Tim Ho Wan & crew
The night’s empress, pioneering chef, Anita Lo
Gerlan Marcel and Bubble__T feastgoer
Mooncake at the desert bar
Bar with a view
Tuson Sate