Head to Hung Ry for Some Delicious Hand-Pulled Noodles

Ever since the Momofuku Noodle Bar set downtown New Yorkers hearts on fire with noodle desire, shops have been popping up all over the place. The latest to hit the scene is called Hung Ry, at 55 Bond Street, just down the block from Il Buco, The Smile and kitty corner from Peels. This restaurant  […]  Read more

Izakaya Hopping in the East Village

I have very fond memories of the two years I spent as a fresh college grad teaching English deep in the Japanese countryside in a nearly forgotten place called Toyama, a place most Japanese can’t locate on a map. During that time, I had ample opportunity to sample some of the local brews with many  […]  Read more

Asian Influence at the 2010 New York Food & Wine Festival

This year, Danielle and I tried as much as possible to avoid the overcrowded, mass-market events at the New York Food & Wine Festival. One year on Pier 54 was more than enough for us. Not only were there very few things worth tasting last year but it felt as if we were in a  […]  Read more

Jennifer Maeng Shows You How to Make Kim Chi

We just posted a short video on our YouTube channel ( about how to make kim chi. Your instructor, should you choose to learn, is the gorgeous and talented Jennifer Maeng, the founder of the restaurant Korean Temple Cuisine and a former Miss Korea New York. Check out how she does the entire cooking demo  […]  Read more

The Politics of Chinese Cooking

This story is about a strange moment where the two disparate worlds of Chinese Communist Party politics and cooking collide. The New York Times ran the headline “A Chinese Cooking Contest, Without Any Chefs from China.” The story was about how the Chinese government had denied visas to eleven chefs scheduled to compete in a  […]  Read more


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