A Sushi Connoisseur’s Dinner

Learn to Appreciate Authentic Sushi with Sushi Authority Trevor Corson at Jewel Bako Think tuna toro is the ultimate traditional sushi?  Think again–truly serious sushi connoisseurs in Japan think toro is for amateurs. Ditto for many of the types of so-called Japanese sushi that we thoughtlessly consume every day. The sushi that most of us are  […]  Read more

Inside the Mind of a Sushi Wizard

Documentary Film – Jiro Dreams of Sushi We have to question the PG rating of David Gelb’s debut feature documentary Jiro Dreams Of Sushi (opening March 9 in New York). This is some food porn people. Equipped with an expensive sounding Red One digital cinema camera, Gelb spent two, one-month stints filming the handy work  […]  Read more

Jiro Dreams of Sushi at Japan Society

March 5, 2012 – LUCKYRICE produced the New York launch event for the documentary film Jiro Dreams of Sushi at the Japan Society. Chef Eric Ripert hosted the event and spoke about his experience at Sukiyabashi Jiro. Chef Masato Shimizu of 15 EAST is a third generation disciple of Jiro’s own master; he prepared all  […]  Read more

15 Courses at Sydney’s Momofuku Seiōbo

Our insatiable reporter Matt Rodbard recently ate his way through Australia and brought back some stories about Asian food encounters he had while down under. In his first dispatch, he explained why the yum cha in Sydney is so (bleeping) good. Even though I would eventually blow through a sizable stack of chips at a  […]  Read more

Big Changes – And Secrets – At Vegetarian Temple Kajitsu

It sort of feels like the Michael Jordan retirement, at least to those who worship at the altar of the acclaimed vegetarian restaurant Kajitsu located in New York’s East Village. Chef Masato Nishihara announced earlier this month that he was walking away from the two Michelin-starred shojin (Zen Buddhist) cuisine restaurant to….well, nobody really knew. But,  […]  Read more

Why Yum Cha in Australia Is So (Bleeping) Good

Our insatiable reporter Matt Rodbard recently ate his way through Australia and brought back some stories about Asian food encounters he had while down under. This is the first of a series of glimpses of the Australian food scene. Why Australia? Well, let’s just say that David Chang decided to open up his latest restaurant  […]  Read more

Pairing Tacos with Sake

At first, Mexican style tacos and sake may seem an unlikely pairing, but when you engage the two, over a weekend soiree with friends and laughs, it’s definitely, “a good thing”. To put it simply, the way Japanese Sake is brewed, the pairing possibilities are endless. Not only does it compliment delicate fresh flavors, but  […]  Read more

It’s Shochu’s Night Out!

“It has never, ever, happened in this city before,” says Chizuko Niikawa excitedly while sipping nutty green tea at Robataya in the East Village. I had joined her—a certified sake sommelier—and shochu blogger Stephen Lyman to talk about Japanese shochu, which is readying for its New York City close-up next week with two major events  […]  Read more

Gavin Kaysen’s Reverse Engineered Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

After seven stops on the 7 train, Gavin Kaysen, Executive Chef of Café Boulud and members of his kitchen crew, 7 strong, landed in Flushing where they embarked on a reconnaissance eating tour of the area’s pho shops — with a stop off at the Grand Restaurant in the New World Mall for dim sum.  […]  Read more

Sosa Nose Kimchi

Sometimes a spicy dish can just about bring tears to the eyes. And not because of Scovilles. “I got to taste some 100-year-old gochujang and it was absolutely mind-blowing,” said Top Chef runner-up Angelo Sosa, about the fermented red pepper paste, with a near crack of the voice. When chefs get a chance to sample  […]  Read more