Drinks, Conversation, More Drinks At the Epicurean Cocktail Feast

Kicking off the LUCKYRICE festival 2012 was a Bombay gin-fueled bash at the Bowery Hotel featuring some of New York’s most creative chefs and mixologists who were asked to serve two cocktails and a dish that best represents them. Mission, accomplished. The Cocktail Feast also showcased how Asian ingredients can be creatively incorporated into mixology,  […]  Read more

Six Things To Know About Hawaiian Cuisine

We’re here to tell you that there’s a little bit more to Hawaiian Food than sticking a pig in the ground.   On May 2nd, LUCKYRICE hosts a Sunset Luau presented by Hawaiian Airlines. Some of Hawai‘i’s most decorated chefs, including Alan Wong and Roy Yamaguchi, will be on hand to serve dishes that represent  […]  Read more

Dinner Theater with Chef Susur Lee

As a young boy, Canadian celebrity chef Susur Lee would attend boisterous Chinese wedding banquets in his native Hong Kong. It was at these banquets where Lee first fell in love with Chinese cooking. The chef, who runs a successful group of restaurants in Washington D.C., Singapore and Toronto, fondly recalls the rush of dishes  […]  Read more

Book Your Ticket to Asia – with Stopovers in Europe and India. Be Hungry.

Even with all the glitz and glam in the Mandarin Oriental ballroom during the LUCKYRICE Grand Feast—a who’s-who Asian culinary event that for the past two years this food writer has circled with a fat marker on his packed spring calendar—it really all comes back to the traditional recipes, passed down from generation to generation.  […]  Read more

Who Let Dave Arnold Throw This Party? We Did!

Dave Arnold, the fast-talking baby-faced mad scientist behind New York’s most exciting new cocktail bar BOOKER AND DAX, gets fired up just talking about hosting the LUCKYRICE Festival’s kickoff event, the Epicurean Cocktail Feast featuring seven bars he hand selected for having stellar cocktail programs and equally excellent food menus. “We didn’t pick anybody we didn’t  […]  Read more

Malaysian Night Market Food

My friends Niki and Shaokao, who have extensive experience eating in Malaysia, have been spending a lot of time in Niki’s homeland. She sent these pictures of all their gustatory conquests. You can’t get food like this in the U.S.

Thai Dinner with Andy Ricker (Pok Pok) & David Thompson (nahm)

Andy Ricker Wears His Passion On His Arm See tattoos for explanation I’m not sure what had a stronger bouquet, the freshly painted walls or the open buckets of fish sauce. But both awakened my sinuses as Andy Ricker led me into the dining room of Pok Pok NY, the James Beard Award-winning chef’s much-anticipated  […]  Read more

A Sushi Connoisseur’s Dinner

Learn to Appreciate Authentic Sushi with Sushi Authority Trevor Corson at Jewel Bako Think tuna toro is the ultimate traditional sushi?  Think again–truly serious sushi connoisseurs in Japan think toro is for amateurs. Ditto for many of the types of so-called Japanese sushi that we thoughtlessly consume every day. The sushi that most of us are  […]  Read more

Inside the Mind of a Sushi Wizard

Documentary Film – Jiro Dreams of Sushi We have to question the PG rating of David Gelb’s debut feature documentary Jiro Dreams Of Sushi (opening March 9 in New York). This is some food porn people. Equipped with an expensive sounding Red One digital cinema camera, Gelb spent two, one-month stints filming the handy work  […]  Read more

Jiro Dreams of Sushi at Japan Society

March 5, 2012 – LUCKYRICE produced the New York launch event for the documentary film Jiro Dreams of Sushi at the Japan Society. Chef Eric Ripert hosted the event and spoke about his experience at Sukiyabashi Jiro. Chef Masato Shimizu of 15 EAST is a third generation disciple of Jiro’s own master; he prepared all  […]  Read more