#LuckyriceHouston: Uchi’s Huan Do on Hurricane Harvey

Paying homage to what it means to be #HoustonStrong, we wanted to give the unsung heroes in the restaurant industry a chance to speak for themselves and recount their experiences of Hurricane Harvey. Here we chatted with Uchi Houston’s Huan Do, a server and bartender who has been at Uchi since September 2013. How was  […]  Read more

#LuckyriceNY x Bubble__T

We brought the bubble, they brought the T! Big ups to Bubble__T for making the party rock at our #LuckyriceNY Feast! With beats to bounce to and looks to kill, we got our slaysian on in more way than one. Party pics by @olivermint

The #LuckyriceNY Ball 2017

On September 22 we looked out upon Central Park from the 36th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in celebration of our 8th Lucky Year in the city where it all started, New York. It was a night of cultural collisions, you’d ride the elevator skywards until it opened up into the event’s foyer where  […]  Read more

#LuckyriceNY: 10Below: Wilson Tam’s Chinatown

Sitting huddled around a computer screen with eyes half shut and mouths wide open, Wilson Tam, Richard Tam and David Chen, marveled at the phenomenon that Thailand called, “street food”: rolled ice cream. Whether it was a pang of late-night hunger or destiny that aroused entrepreneurial dreams pointing to an empire of foodie fandom, history  […]  Read more

The #LuckyriceSF Plant-Based Edition Feast Recap

As a nod to the rich heritage and legacy of the Bay Area, as well as it being the hometown of our founder, Danielle Chang, LUCKYRICE held its first plant-based Feast on September 8th, 2017 at the Bently Reserve. When asked why go plant-based Danielle had this to say, “Since so much of the Asian-American  […]  Read more

#LuckyriceLA Feast Recap 2017

We kicked off Feast Season this year in the City of Angels. Celebrating 8 Lucky Years we spotlighted the best of LA’s Asian & Asian-inspired eats at the Vibiana on July 28th. In good company, with more than a thousand attendees, 33 vendors and 82,914,328 total impressions, we’d like to think we’re off to a good  […]  Read more

Get Your Green On at Our First Plant-Based Feast for#LuckyriceSF

Many of those who have laid down roots in California’s rich cultural bed know Asia to be home. Their seeds have traveled miles, populating Western shores many have settled Bayside, in San Francisco. Asian by blood but deeply intertwined in America’s red, white and blue, they seek new forms of cultural relevancy and expression to  […]  Read more