At George Chen’s China Live: There is No Them or Us

Join us this Sunday 6/25 for a complimentary screening of Lucky Chow at China Live! (Dumplings and cultural proficiency included) RSVP here: For George Chen, a serial entrepreneur of 35 years and the creator, co-founder and executive chef of China Live, serving up the most innovative and progressive Chinese cuisine in San Francisco’s Chinatown is […]

LA Feast: Bone Kettle: For this Indonesian family, Bone Broth is no trend

When the Tjahyadi family arrived in California over a decade ago they were greeted by a familiar sight, palm trees. All else they had left behind. This family of five packed up the entirety of their lives when they were granted asylum from the riots and upheavals that shook Indonesia in 1995, shoving memories, an […]

Mi Amor, Mixian

Photo courtesy of Grubstreet Located in the heart of the East Village, Little Tong Noodle Shop pays homage to the beautiful Chinese southwest province of Yunnan. Chef Simone Tong created a menu to reflect the depth of Chinese culture, focusing on mixian, a spaghetti-shaped rice noodle that she uses as a base for a variety of broths and sauces. […]

Step Into Spring with Some Asian Greens

When farmers markets abound with fiddlehead ferns, baby artichokes and spring onions, spring has sprung. While I am infatuated with these seasonal treasures, spring also brings an abundance of tender greens favored in Asian cooking, like chrysanthemum greens (a.k.a. tong ho in Chinese, shingiku in Japanese or tan o in Vietnamese), a grassy, herbaceous and […]

Fava Bean Puree with Preserved Mustard Greens

FAVA BEAN PUREE WITH PRESERVED MUSTARD GREENS SERVES 6 TO 8 AS AN APPETIZER Dishes made with fava beans (or broad beans) are popular in Shanghainese restaurants, served as a part of other assorted small bites before a meal. Fresh fava beans make regular appearances at local greenmarkets in the Bay Area, and whenever I […]

Tofu with Thousand-Year Eggs

TOFU WITH THOUSAND-YEAR EGGS SERVES 4 AS A SIDE DISH The name of this dish makes it sound much more sensational than it really is; however, what’s bizarre to one culture may simply be everyday grub to another, as thousand-year eggs are to the Chinese. Rather than a millennium, these eggs are preserved for a […]