Vietnam Comes to the East (Village)

After a successful run as both a Hollywood VFX artist and creperie owner, Chef Stephan Brezinsky returned to the East Coast and opened Soothsayer, a modern Vietnamese restaurant on the edge of the East Village and Alphabet City in New York City. Born out of Brezinsky’s goal to parlay his unique perspectives and experiences into […]

LUCKYINSIDER: Chef Ken Tominaga

Chef and partner of The Ramen Bar, a fast-casual West Coast style ramen spot located in the heart of San Francisco, Chef Ken Tominaga has always had a passion for Japanese cuisine. Having built his career on his love for good food and cooking, Chef Ken prides himself on the use of quality ingredients to […]

Eat Your Way to the Finish Line

Falling on the fifth day of the fifth month each year of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Jie (端午节), is one of great historical significance. Held annually for over 2,000 years, the festival commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar, Qu Yuan, who drowned himself […]

A Poké Haven in the Heart of Chinatown

Caught onto the poké craze but too lazy to head all the way to Midtown? Located on Canal Street in the heart of Chinatown, Chikarashi is a fast-casual spot offering a wide selection of well-balanced poké bowls with fresh, high quality ingredients. Chef Michael Lim, formerly of Michelin-rated establishments Neta and Masa, provides his contemporary […]

Spray Paint Beijing

In the West, graffiti is associated with Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Lady Pink, and others featured in the Academy Award-nominated documentary, Exit through the Gift Shop. Their image is one of vandalism that can only be performed in secret during the darkness of night. In Beijing, most graffiti remains constrained to the streets of 798, the […]


Chef Dale Talde, the mastermind behind the popular restaurant Talde in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, applies his distinct Asian-American experience to the menu of this eponymous dining spot. The two-season contestant on Top Chef has cultivated a cooking style he describes as “stepping out of tradition and authenticity”. We’re thrilled to have Chef Talde as […]

$40 A Day in Koreatown

Craving Korean food in New York City but overwhelmed by the street of Korea Way? Conveniently located on 32nd and Broadway, Koreatown is one of New York City’s most popular spots for food and drink. From sweet desserts to savory stews, you can find delicious options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, all for reasonable […]

LUCKYFINDS: Selamat Pagi

Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Selamat Pagi, which translates to “Good Morning” in Indonesian, serves both traditional and inspired dishes from the magical island of Bali. A passion project started by the team behind Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, its kitchen uses sustainable meats and sources its produce locally to create dishes that explode with tropical flavors, […]


Ramen has taken New York City by storm, but Raku is changing the game with its strong udon game.  A popular dish enjoyed throughout Japan, udon is slowly making a name for itself in a ramen-run world with shops like Raku serving hearty delicious bowls of noodles. Bypass the numerous ramen shops on St. Mark’s […]


Wedged between a Chinese takeout restaurant and a smoke shop, Korean-fusion spot Bunsmith has an industrial-hip exterior that stands out on this strip of Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights. The succinct menu features Korean flavors inspired by gastropub fare with unique combinations like the infamous cookie butter & spam. Can’t make it to Crown Heights? […]