Had a long day at work and too tired to spend an hour making dinner? Nomz has your back. With its wholesome Asian noodle soups tailored for busy individuals, Nomz provides traditional Asian soups that are not only healthy and delicious, but also quick and easy. From Chicken Shiitake Mushroom Soup to Vietnamese Beef Pho, […]

Thailand’s Songkran Festival

Photo Courtesy of Expedia Celebrated annually from April 13 to April 15, the Songkran Festival is considered to be Thailand’s very own New Year’s Day. This festive occasion keeps in line with the Buddhist/Hindu calendar and follows a three-day celebration evolving around cleansing and prayer. During this auspicious festival, Thais traditionally return home to reunite with this families, visit temples, and sprinkle […]

LUCKYFINDS: Poké and Hot Dogs?

Located in New York City’s Murray Hill neighborhood, Sons of Thunder provides the area with West Coast-inspired cuisine. Serving everything from American classics to Hawaiian poké, this culinary gem is both a burger and beach shack. Every dish is made-to-order and the owners, James and John, care deeply about the quality and freshness of their ingredients. While the burgers and fries […]

Qing Ming Festival

Photo Courtesy of China Digital Times Qing Ming Festival (清明节), also known as Tomb Sweeping Day, is a Chinese holiday set aside for commemorating and paying respects to one’s ancestors. Usually falling on April 4th or 5th of each year, this day is one of both sadness and remembrance as many family members travel to the gravesite of deceased loved ones. […]


Occupying a former warehouse located in industrial Gowanus’s nightlife district, Insa is a one-stop shop for all things Korean dining and entertainment. Start your night with a wide array of sizzling Korean barbecue dishes and eventually make your way to the infamous Jungle Room to karaoke till dawn. In this episode of LUCKYINSIDER, we speak with Sohui Kim, a Korean chef who […]


From Winnie the Pooh-themed cookies to Totoro-themed tarts, Anna Chan’s animated creations are both playful and sweet. Just a glance at her popular Instagram feed will be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth for days. In this episode of LUCKYINSIDER, we feature a budding Aussie entrepreneur who is taking the pastry world by storm with her illustrative and intricate creations: LUCKYRICE: Why did […]

Color Your World: Holi Festival

Ever wondered why your friends were posting photos on Facebook with themselves covered in colorful power? Holi (होली), also known as the Festival of Colors, is an ancient Hindu religious festival that is primarily observed in India, Nepal, and other parts of the world that have significant populations of Hindus or people of Indian origin. Typically falling sometime […]

A Piece of Shanghai in Downtown Brooklyn

Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, Yaso Tangbao, which literally translates to “uncle’s soup dumplings” fills a hole in the neighborhood’s burgeoning dining scene. From regional treats such as drunken chicken to the classic xiaolongbao, this casual eatery provides easy access to authentic Shanghai street foods in an area that lacks options for well-prepared Chinese dining options. Started by […]


When most people think of American packed lunches, they think of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, apple sauce, and bagged snacks. Lee Li Ming, the mastermind behind the popular blog and Instagram, Bento Monsters, is redefining packed lunches with her wide array of beautiful charabens. A hobby that initially began as a way to cheer up her children at […]

Lunchtime Perfection in a Bowl

Craving a bowl of noodles, but indulged in ramen a few weekends too many? Why not try out its cousin, soba (そば)? Made of buckwheat flour, roughly as thick as spaghetti, and prepared in various hot and cold dishes, soba has become popular and easily available nationwide. It makes for the perfect lunch on dreary work days: […]