To Slurp or Not to Slurp

A bowl of ramen consists of four core elements: broth, tare, noodles, and toppings. With several varieties within each element, every ramen shop crafts its own “blend”, usually specializing in one style of ramen. From the familiar tonkotsu ramen to the underrated tsukemen, our popular ramen tasting will explore the basic characteristics of a number  […]  Read more

“Sweetness From the Heavens”

From kitchen porter to owner and chef, Nick Wang’s Amami Sushi is a one-stop shop for all of your Japanese cravings in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The philosophy behind the restaurant reflects the meaning behind its name – “sweetness from the heavens” – where sourcing high-quality and fresh ingredients is the foundation of each of the dishes.  […]  Read more

LUCKYINSIDER: Ann Redding of Uncle Boons

Want to experience a fiery, beer-soaked dinner on a cool September evening in expat Bangkok? Head to Uncle Boons in the heart of SoHo, New York City. Born to a Thai mother and American father, chef and co-owner Ann Redding had the special privilege of growing up between both countries and being introduced to their  […]  Read more

An Insider’s Look: LUCKYRICE LA Slurpfest

Our popular ramen tasting will return to DTLA for its second installment with four ramen shops across Los Angeles. This traditional Japanese dish has evolved throughout the U.S. and each of our participants will showcase their unique spin on slurp-worthy noodles. Here’s an insider’s look into this year’s participants: LUCKYRICE: Broth, tare, noodles, or toppings  […]  Read more

The Lone Star State’s Rising Culinary Star

Houston’s critical darling and crowd-favorite Oxheart has a progressive perspective on regional cuisine. Its co-owner and executive chef, Justin Yu, was recently named Best Chef: Southwest by the prestigious James Beard Foundation and has now been recognized on a national scale for delicately delicious dishes. Here we speak with the host of our inaugural Houston  […]  Read more


From Seattle to Miami, poké-sanity has swept the nation. With multiple restaurants including PokiNometry (Los Angeles), Aloha Poké Co. (Chicago), and Prime Fish (Miami) dedicated to this iconic Hawaiian dish, it’s hard not to jump on the bandwagon. Rather than wait in a crazy long line, try this refreshing and healthy recipe in the comfort of your own kitchen from Danielle Chang’s Lucky Rice: Stories and  […]  Read more

Freeze the Heat Away

As we wind down the last two weeks of summer (sniff, sniff), we’ll be beating the heat with DIY popsicles. Stock your fridge with these quick and easy recipes from Lucky Rice: Stories and Recipes from Night Markets, Feasts, and Family Tables and you’ll have deliciously cold treats on hand whenever you need a quick  […]  Read more

Chinese Curry in an Indian Hurry

The Chinese Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn celebrates the unique food culture and rich heritage of early Chinese immigrants in Kolkata, India. Dishes are a reflection of food served at the original Chinese Club started by owner Stacey Mehta Lo’s great-grandfather, Lo Fung Shu, as a safe refuge for the immigrant Chinese. Although mahjong and dominoes  […]  Read more

Win Some at Win Son

Photo Courtesy of Bedford and Bowery Located behind an old-school bodega-like awning in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, don’t let the unassuming facade turn you away. Win Son is the area’s hottest new eatery boasting Taiwanese-American dishes from traditional oyster omelettes to hearty bowls of lu rou fan. Owners Josh Ku and Trigg Brown have designed an  […]  Read more

Make Your Way Through Asia on the 7 Train

If you’re not riding NYC’s 7 train to get home, to a Mets game, or the U.S. Open, you’re probably heading to Flushing, Queens to feast on a variety of traditional Chinese cuisines and dishes. But don’t forget that Queens is considered the most diverse borough in New York City and its Asian dining options  […]  Read more