BREAKING BAO: Intergenerational Asian Culinary Experience – Los Angeles 2018


Thursday, Jul 26, 2018



214 South Main Street
Los Angeles

Nothing speaks to our pasts like family. Food is the ultimate time machine and we want to break bao across the generations at our 9th Annual LUCKYRICE™ FEAST : Los Angeles, celebrating Intergenerational Cuisine.

‘Cuz furikake-avocado toast and poached salmon on kale caesar are alright, but you KNOW at the end of the day, you just want grandma’s dumplings and mom’s curry. We wanna find out how your brother improvised three-course meals out of instant ramen. We want to eat steak the way your dad would at a steakhouse: with his own damned soy sauce!

And who better to show us the power of intergenerational cuisine than the irrepressible world-renowned chef Susur Lee, who paves the future of global Asian culture with his sons Levi, Kai and Jet. It’s a family affair in the Bent-Lee kitchen. LUCKYRICE is honored to announce their hosting Breaking Bao Intergenerational Feast. Reserve your tickets today to meet Susur, Levi, Kai and Jet in L.A!

This year, we're highlighting generations of family meals, special birthdays, holidays and sick days that taught our creative trust of Angeleno Asian cuisine, about making Asian food. Bringing young and old together, LUCKYRICE™ showcases the secret family heirloom dishes of our lucky food stars. Come feed, learn, and taste the food history of our favorite chefs’ family stories.

We are happy to announce that we are debuting our LUCKYRICE calendar with an initiative to take better care of the earth at our LA Feast by finding alternatives to plastic disposables, and using compostable dinnerware, cups, and biodegradable wristbands. All excess prepared foods will be donated to Chefs to End Hunger.