Chiang Mai: A Northern Thai Dinner


Thursday, May 03, 2012

Two Thai culinary masters devoted to faithful Thai cooking come together in a one-night-only collaborative dinner at Pok Pok, Brooklyn’s (via Portland) buzz-worthy new restaurant.

Join Michelin-starred Thai culinary master David Thompson (nahm, Sydney, London and Bangkok) and James Beard Award winning chef Andy Ricker (Pok Pok, Portland and New York) as they create a majestic Northern Thai feast starting with passed amuses bouches paired with cocktails and beer slushies followed by a dozen savory and sweet dishes.

Though both of these chefs fell into Thai cuisine almost “by accident”, the Australian Thompson and American Ricker are often acknowledged as the world’s best Thai chefs. As self-described “culinary archaeologists”, both also share the belief that the best compliment is to cook like a Thai grandmother.

Whereas contemporary Thai food–and certainly much of what has become popularized as Thai food in America–is inflected by other cultures, our dinner will be pure authentic Thai. Hailing from different ends of the world, both chefs have since become evangelists for Thai culture as they spread the Thai culinary gospel abroad. This will be a Thai dinner that you can’t get unless you╒re transported to Chiang Mai and, then again, perhaps not even then.