Adrey Santos – POPPA’S POPCORN

Adrey Santos – POPPA’S POPCORN

It all began with a grandfather and father named Reynaldo Santos, a mechanicwho creates machines — any machine — you name it, he can make it.One day, a customer requested that he build a popcorn machine. In this moment of ingenuity, a “kernel popped” into Reynaldo’s head, and an idea was born! He started with the question “How is popcorn made?” He experimented with different oils and flavors, figuring out what worked and tasted the best. He wouldn’t settle for any old popcorn though. Reynaldo wanted to make high-quality gourmet popcorn with a flavor that was unique and couldn’t be found anywhere else. It quickly became his hobby – making popcorn for fun and creating his own machinery to cook it.

Finally, Reynaldo created the most popular flavor which came to be known as “Fiesta Pop!”He then decided he wanted to cook popcorn for his whole family for them toenjoy.  He brought his “Fiesta Pop” to family parties, dinners, and gatherings to share his delicious homemade popcorn. To his surprise, it was an all-time favorite. Over time, family and friends would come to visit and constantly request his gourmet-flavored popcorn. As word about his popcorn spread quickly throughout the town, friends and family started ordering from him, wanting his gourmet popcorn for their own parties.

At this point, the Santos family realized that Reynaldo’s popcorn was truly unique! Adrey Santos, Reynaldo’s son, knew this was a brilliant idea for a business. Adrey quickly began taking steps to turn his father’s gourmet popcorn into a brand, and the entire family brainstormed to give his popcorn a name. They started with his grandchildren who have always called him “Pa.” One of his grandchildren suggested that we call it “Pop-Pa’s Popcorn.” The name was perfect, and it has stuck ever since.

Since then, we’ve become a small, family-owned company that continues to grow every day. Our family never imagined opening up a popcorn store. It is rather a mere coincidence and sheer surprise that it has grown into what it is today. The entire family pitches in to run the business, but all the hard work is done by the one and only Pop-Pa Reynaldo, the grandfather and father who simply wanted to make popcorn for his entire family to enjoy.

We are a small, family-operated popcorn business that creates high-quality gourmet popcorn, pres-packaged, and ready to eat. We have classic flavors that everyone knows and loves, as well as unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. We use non-gmo kernels; and many of our flavors are vegetarian and vegan friendly, soy free, nut free, and gluten free. we cater for events such as large gatherings, birthday parties, company events, fairs, food festivals, etc. In addition, we can create customized gift baskets for any occasion, handcrafted and personalized to the customer’s liking.

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