LA: Perry Cheung – PHORAGE

LA: Perry Cheung – PHORAGE
Photos courtesy of Phorage Los Angeles

Born and raised from New York City he relocated to San Francisco. in 2004 to pursue a culinary career. He joined the Slanted Door team Working his way up to Executive Sous Chef position. He then relocated to Los Angeles in 2011 to consult and develop restaurants. He owns and operates Phorage a Vietnamese restaurant established in June 2013, featuring hormone free meats and local ingredients. Chef Perry has appeared and won on the Esquire networks Knife Fight and the Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay.

Please share an off-menu family recipe (or description) or a personal intergenerational food story

Red braised pork belly (hong shao rou) has to be the most nostalgic dish for me. There is no wrong time to eat this rustic dish, unless you are on health kick. The best part about this dish is there is no set recipe, it’s almost always Asian mom eyeball measurements. After blanching and wok searing the 5 layer pork belly you toss in ginger, shao xing wine, star anise, cinnamon bark, lite soy, dark soy, rock sugar, and stock into a claypot set on a low simmer. When the pork is tender and the fat is translucent this is ready for a bowl of rice.

What does participation at LUCKYRICE signify to you?

It’s such a honor to participate at Luckyrice, it’s a gathering with awesome Asian restaurants under one roof with the attendees appreciating every part of the experience. Plus, it’s fun to catch up with other local chefs.

What do you think of the Asian food moment right now?

The current Asian food moment is amazing, it’s constantly growing everyone is open to trying new food and learning about different cultures through food. This just shows how much times have changed.



Join Chef Perry Cheung and the Phorage team at our L.A. #LUCKYRICE18 “Breaking Bao Intergenerational Feast” on July 26th.