Photos Courtesy of Chinese Laundry

Run by married couple Helen Li and Leo Lamprides, Chinese Laundry is a food truck that serves a fusion of Chinese and Western dishes. Their menu re-interprets and redefines traditional recipes to create a unique culinary experience guaranteed to take customers on a colorful ride with only a bite.

Leo Lamprides is a Portuguese Greek American who was previously the sous chef of Faith & Flower. Helen Li is an architect from Beijing who brings her home recipes to the truck. The two combine and incorporate their backgrounds and experiences into their one-of-a-kind dishes. On the menu? Chinese Laundry specialty rice bowls with Grandma’s Hong Shao Pork Belly, Wuhan Hot Dry Sesame Noodle, and their vegan Bean Broth Noodle Soup, to name a few.

Please share an off-menu family recipe (or description) or a personal intergenerational food story: 
Mama’s Cold Noodle Sichuanese Chili Sauce, fresh cucmber, Sour Pickles, green onion, and cilantro. This dish is special to me because my Mother In Law made this for me when she first came to LA from Beijing. I fell in love with her food and she taught me so much about her recipes and some basics to Chinese Cuisine. After trips to China and living with my wife and her family at periods of time I learned chinese food and culture and understood it a little more. Eventually this all helped build Chinese Laundry. We are now working to integrate our two cultures and build a new restaurant concept. It’s an exciting time to be apart of the Asian Food movement. My career started with knowledge of French techniques and western food, alot of Italian as well. Once I learned about true Chinese Culture and the diversity of cuisine my life changed. So many regions with different styles of food and each of them have some of the longest dated history with cooking and eating culture at an advanced level. That gets me excited and aways brought me back to an Idea from years ago to why can’t a restaurant have the new American/Western feel with Chinese food and cutlure mixed in. It is now our mission to bring that restaurant to LA.


Taste Chef Lamprides Chinese Seafood Risotto at our Los Angeles #LUCKYRICE18 “Breaking Bao Intergenerational Feast” on July 26th.