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#LuckyriceNY: 10Below: Wilson Tam’s Chinatown

Sitting huddled around a computer screen with eyes half shut and mouths wide open, Wilson Tam, Richard Tam and David Chen, marveled at the phenomenon that Thailand called, “street food”: rolled ice cream. Whether it was a pang of late-night hunger or destiny that aroused entrepreneurial dreams pointing to an empire of foodie fandom, history  […]  Read more

Step Into Spring with Some Asian Greens

When farmers markets abound with fiddlehead ferns, baby artichokes and spring onions, spring has sprung. While I am infatuated with these seasonal treasures, spring also brings an abundance of tender greens favored in Asian cooking, like chrysanthemum greens (a.k.a. tong ho in Chinese, shingiku in Japanese or tan o in Vietnamese), a grassy, herbaceous and  […]  Read more

Tonkotsu Ramen

TONKOTSU RAMEN SERVES 8 The opposite of instant ramen, tonkotsu, this old-school milky pork bone–style broth takes some work and quite a lot of time. But don’t let that scare you away—it is well worth the effort. The collagen-rich broth really needs to cook for a good 12 hours to properly extract the milkiness of  […]  Read more

Taste of Turmeric

The detox craze is still holding on strong and turmeric, a cousin to ginger and native to Southern Asia, is quickly becoming the trendy food ingredient of the moment. Nutritionists love it for detoxing and restaurateurs love it for its aromatics and beautiful golden hue. Long known for anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is often called the  […]  Read more

Eight Treasure Rice

Eight Treasure Rice Babaofan Serves 8 Like a Christmas fruitcake, this festive gift is brought to hostesses around the holidays and is studded with candied treats—which, in this Eastern adaptation, includes red bean paste and candied fruits. What goes into the Eight Treasure Rice is a matter of individual preference (and what’s on hand), but  […]  Read more

Charcoal is the New Kale

  Just when we thought that the latest color trend in food was rainbow, a new hue has arrived to darken the mood. Yes, those pitch-black foods and beverages, from bread to soft serve ice cream, that have been popping up in your feed are made from activated charcoal, the byproduct of burning coconut shells,  […]  Read more

Ube Ube Ube, Everywhere

Ever wonder what the crazy purple desserts you’ve been seeing all over Instagram are made from? No, it’s not intense food coloring, it’s ube, or purple yams. They are not uniquely found in the Philippines but Filipinos use it more than anyone else to flavor and color their sweets and breads. From ice cream to  […]  Read more

2017: Your Year of Gastronomic Adventure

Every new year comes with another year’s worth of practical and impractical resolutions. If you’ve set your mind on stepping outside your comfort zone, start off with a pledge to be more gastronomically adventurous. Every culture has its own odd culinary dishes and delicacies but Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines usually take the cake. Balut  […]  Read more

Stew Up to Warm Up

As temperatures fall across the U.S., a cozy comforter and a hot bowl of food are hard to resist. Asian cuisines are filled with warming stews catered to both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike and some of our favorites are listed below. Grab a seat on the couch, load up your next Netflix series for binge-watching  […]  Read more