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Serve Thanksgiving With Asian Flair

It’s Thursday but for some reason it feels like a Sunday. It smells like dinner but you know it has to be morning because it’s light out. Then again, it gets dark out at 3pm now that you’ve set your clock back for Daylight Savings. You walk into the kitchen and see signs of unusual  […]  Read more

Isaan-Style Pork

ISSAN-STYLE PORK LAAB SERVES 4 TO 6 AS AN APPETIZER, OR 8 TO 10 AS AN HORS D’OEUVRE Recipes for laab, a minced meat dish, vary greatly from region to region all across Thailand. I’ve highlighted a style characteristic of Issan, a northeastern region where the people are primarily ethnic Lao and Khmer and cook  […]  Read more

Festive Thai Leaf Wraps

FESTIVE THAI LEAF WRAPS Miang Kham MAKES 20 TO 30 SMALL BITES, ENOUGH FOR A PARTY OF 6 TO 8 A beautifully wrapped Thai snack bursting with savory-sweet-sour- spicy flavors, miang kham embodies much of what I love about the spirit of Thai food, which often transforms humble ingredients into magical feasts. If this recipe,  […]  Read more

Japanese Pancakes

JAPANESE PANCAKES Okonomiyaki MAKES 2 LARGE PANCAKES, SERVES 4 This savory Japanese pancake varies from home to home, or shop to shop, and meal to meal. This is not surprising, since the dish was originally developed to make use of leftovers. Okonomi means “what you like” and yaki means “grilled,” so okonomiyaki is—naturally—“grilled as you  […]  Read more

Chinese-Muslim Lamb Burgers

CHINESE-MUSLIM LAMB BURGERS  Rou Jia Mo SERVES 5 TO 6 Think of rou jia mo as the Chinese equivalent of a hamburger—one that features the distinctive flavors of the street foods favored by one of China’s oldest ethnic and religious minorities. In the Muslim quarters of Beijing, and in other Muslim-concentrated parts of China such  […]  Read more

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

TAIWANESE BEEF NOODLE SOUP Niu Ro Mian SERVES 6 TO 8 If there is a national dish for Taiwan, it is beef noodle soup, which is found everywhere from night markets to traditional dining halls. At beef noodle soup shops, the vendors tend to their enormous cauldrons with great affection, as if raising a child.  […]  Read more

Garlicky Smashed Cucumber Pickles

GARLICKY SMASHED CUCUMBER PICKLES Tsukemono MAKES 2 CUPS Pickles are everyday food in much of Asian cuisine—especially in Japan, where nary a meal goes by without them. This dish comes together in minutes once the cucumbers are briefly bathed in a brine of salt, vinegar, and garlic (but of course they can be pickled for  […]  Read more