Author: Minnie Kim

Crazy Phở Madame Vo

Vietnamese-owned and Vietnamese-run, Madame Vo in NYC’s East Village is quintessential Vietnamese home cooking served in a modern, chic setting. The menu features comfort food executed with love and an eclectic selection of traditional family recipes made from fresh, high quality ingredients. Open until midnight on the weekends, we’ve found a pho-nomenal spot for satisfying  […]  Read more

Buns Before Flowers

While we do appreciate a colorful bouquet of blooms and a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, we all know the best way to win someone’s heart is through their belly. Cancel that prix fixe meal reservation and grab ingredients for our rendition of the perfect sandwich, bánh mì, to make at home with your perfect someone. Fresh crunchy bread, sweet  […]  Read more

Make Your Way East for Some Viet(noms)

What’s our prediction for the next Asian food craze in New York City? Vietnamese. Hanoi House in the East Village of Manhattan serves modern Vietnamese comfort food in a cozy space decked out with French-Vietnamese antiques and vintage tiled floor. The interior’s decorative mix of old and new directly reflects the menu which offers unique and refreshing  […]  Read more

2017: Your Year of Gastronomic Adventure

Every new year comes with another year’s worth of practical and impractical resolutions. If you’ve set your mind on stepping outside your comfort zone, start off with a pledge to be more gastronomically adventurous. Every culture has its own odd culinary dishes and delicacies but Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines usually take the cake. Balut  […]  Read more


Photo Courtesy of Fish Cheeks A seafood-centric family-style menu and a serious #NoPadThaiZone disclaimer makes it clear Fish Cheeks has something a little different to offer.Featuring dishes found all over the Land of Smiles, you won’t even notice there is no Pad Thai on the menu with all the intriguing and delectable options to choose from:  […]  Read more

Stew Up to Warm Up

As temperatures fall across the U.S., a cozy comforter and a hot bowl of food are hard to resist. Asian cuisines are filled with warming stews catered to both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike and some of our favorites are listed below. Grab a seat on the couch, load up your next Netflix series for binge-watching  […]  Read more

Flipping the Bird for Thanksgiving

Need something impressive to bring to Thanks(Friends)giving? Wow your family and friends by ditching your go-to turkey and trying this Asian twist on a weeknight classic from Lucky Rice: Stories and Recipes from Night Markets, Feasts, and Family Tables.  We guarantee you’ll flip your allegiance from one bird to the other with this recipe. To order your copy, visit Vietnamese  […]  Read more

Larb Over Lanterns

Loi Krathong, the annual Thai celebration that pays respect to the goddess of water, is upon us next Monday, November 14. As people in Thailand release thousands of lanterns into the moonlit sky and float handmade lotus-shaped rafts in the water, we’ll be celebrating with some larb and curry stateside. Here’s our roundup of noteworthy  […]  Read more

Drink Your Dumpling Away

What’s more comforting on a cold day than pans of steaming xiaolongbao (aka XLB)? XL XLBs. Drunken Dumpling, located in the heart of the East Village in NYC, has hit the Big Apple by storm with its monster-sized version of this classic Chinese dumpling. In this episode of LUCKYINSIDER, we speak with the mastermind behind  […]  Read more

A Hearty Stew for the Perfect Winter Night-In

Roman-Chinese Oxtail Stew serves 4 Italian and Chinese home cooking share many similarities: While it may not be obvious, both cultures have a love of offal, such as tripe and liver, and so this oxtail-based dish perfectly fuses the two traditions on one plate. Simmer the oxtails in a combination of classic Italian ragù ingredients like red wine and  […]  Read more