Author: Minnie Kim

Mi Amor, Mixian

Photo courtesy of Grubstreet Located in the heart of the East Village, Little Tong Noodle Shop pays homage to the beautiful Chinese southwest province of Yunnan. Chef Simone Tong created a menu to reflect the depth of Chinese culture, focusing on mixian, a spaghetti-shaped rice noodle that she uses as a base for a variety of broths and sauces.  […]  Read more

Step Into Spring with Some Asian Greens

When farmers markets abound with fiddlehead ferns, baby artichokes and spring onions, spring has sprung. While I am infatuated with these seasonal treasures, spring also brings an abundance of tender greens favored in Asian cooking, like chrysanthemum greens (a.k.a. tong ho in Chinese, shingiku in Japanese or tan o in Vietnamese), a grassy, herbaceous and  […]  Read more

Taste of Turmeric

The detox craze is still holding on strong and turmeric, a cousin to ginger and native to Southern Asia, is quickly becoming the trendy food ingredient of the moment. Nutritionists love it for detoxing and restaurateurs love it for its aromatics and beautiful golden hue. Long known for anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is often called the  […]  Read more

YUM Neua Yang

It’s already March and before you know it, summer will be right around the corner. Soon, you’ll be ditching your Canada Goose and replacing your leather boots for your open-toed sandals. Trying to find healthy and delicious recipes for that red polka-dot bikini? Get bikini bod ready with our version of a Thai Grilled Beef Salad and check out more nutritious quick,  […]  Read more

Barbecued Squid-on-a-Stick

BARBECUED SQUID-ON-A-STICK (Ikayaki) SERVES 8 (1 SQUID PER PERSON) Grilled squid is as much a favorite in Asia as hot dogs are in America— served outside movie theaters, at temples, and of course at night markets. I grew up loving this chewy, briny, everyday treat that’s popular from Kyoto, Japan, to Beijing, China. I like  […]  Read more

Charcoal is the New Kale

  Just when we thought that the latest color trend in food was rainbow, a new hue has arrived to darken the mood. Yes, those pitch-black foods and beverages, from bread to soft serve ice cream, that have been popping up in your feed are made from activated charcoal, the byproduct of burning coconut shells,  […]  Read more

A Thai-Tanic Meal

Located in a shallow storefront in Elmhurst, Queens in New York City, Dek Sen features classic full-flavored Thai cuisine that will make any native nostalgic for his or her motherland. Literally translated as “child noodles”, but also a colloquial term used to describe someone who is well-connected, dek sen perfectly reflects this neighborhood joint’s focus  […]  Read more

Tapas with a Twist

Natsumi Tapas, a recent addition to NYC’s expanding dining scene in its Gramercy neighborhood, features modern Japanese cuisine with an Italian twist. The extensive menu combines restauranteur Barbara Matsumura’s Japanese heritage mixed with dishes and ingredients inspired by her travels to Italy. The combinations are fun and tasty and are a perfect way to mix it up  […]  Read more

Fresh Off the Balangay

F.O.B, aka Fresh Off the Boat, brings traditional and vibrant Filipino flavors to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. With influence from numerous indigenous and foreign forces, Filipino cuisine is filled with sweet, sour, spicy, and funky flavors. Authenticity is key here and, along with a charming interior of subtle touches of Manila, you’ll be transported before you can  […]  Read more

Ube Ube Ube, Everywhere

Ever wonder what the crazy purple desserts you’ve been seeing all over Instagram are made from? No, it’s not intense food coloring, it’s ube, or purple yams. They are not uniquely found in the Philippines but Filipinos use it more than anyone else to flavor and color their sweets and breads. From ice cream to  […]  Read more